1. Traffic
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    Happy birthday to an item that most people see as a daily annoyance ... the traffic signal. On this day in 1914, the world's first electric traffic signal was installed in Cleveland, Ohio. It is hard to imagine life before we had those three lights telling us to slow down, stop or when to go, but back before 1914, navigating America's roadways was no easy feat...
  2. Apps to help improve Teen Driver Safety
    Categories: Safety Tips

    Apps to help improve Teen Driver Safety

    Apps... while Distracted Driving is a curse to drivers of all ages, and nobody should have their phones in hand while driving, nevertheless these Apps could make Teen Driving Safer and better. When your teenager takes to the road alone, you want to know that they're being as safe as possible. Unfortunately, cautions NY traffic lawyer Zev Goldstein, you can...
  3. On the Road in Winter
    Categories: Disaster, Survival, and Preparedness & Safety Tips

    On the Road in Winter

    Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior Driving and walking can become extremely hazardous due to icy conditions, snowfall accumulation, low visibility, or extreme cold. People may need to stay at home or work without utilities or other services, until driving is safe. Stay off the road during and immediately after a winter storm if possible, as well as during...

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