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  • Traffic

    stopliteHappy birthday to an item that most people see as a daily annoyance ... the traffic signal. On this day in 1914, the world's first electric traffic signal was installed in Cleveland, Ohio. It is hard to imagine life before we had those three lights telling us to slow down, stop or when to go, but back before 1914, navigating America's roadways was no easy feat. Sure there were a lot less cars on the road than today, but cars had to compete with pedestrians, bicycles, streetcars and even horse-drawn carriages for the right of way. Nowadays, some estimates claim the average person spends six months of their life waiting at traffic lights. So why not throw a birthday party for something you spend half a year of your life with? It's as good a reason as any to eat a cupcake.

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  • Apps to help improve Teen Driver Safety

    Apps... while Distracted Driving is a curse to drivers of all ages, and nobody should have their phones in hand while driving, nevertheless these Apps could make Teen Driving Safer and better.

    When your teenager takes to the road alone, you want to know that they're being as safe as possible. Unfortunately, cautions NY traffic lawyer Zev Goldstein, you can set all the rules in place that you want while your teenager is with you, but that won't necessarily do anything to protect them once they're actually out on the road. To help reduce your stress, not to mention the odds that they'll lean down to check one text and end up in an accident, try these helpful apps that will prevent your teenager from using their phone on the road.

    Mobility, internet and communication concept Mobility, internet and communication concept

    Steer Clear

    State Farm offers a fantastic app that will track driving habits. This offers several advantages for parents. First, if you're using State Farm insurance, offers a discount in many states. Second, Steer Clear makes it possible to monitor the driving behaviors of your teenager, which means that if they're making foolish choices behind the wheel, you'll know about it. The app looks over your teen's shoulder when you can't be there.


    Let's face it: your teenager is physically incapable of leaving their phone in their pocket when a text alert sounds. No matter where they are or what they're doing, they can't resist the urge to look down and see what their friends have to say--and that's a mistake that can be fatal on the road. With AT&T's DriveMode, however, your teenager won't even know when a text or call comes in. If the car is traveling faster than twenty-five miles per hour, DriveMode will automatically silence text alerts and send calls to voice mail. It can also be set to auto-reply to let the sender know that the person is driving and will get back to them as soon as possible. DriveMode has an added feature that you'll really love: if DriveMode is turned off, it can be programmed to send an alert to your phone.

    Disaster & Survival Auto Kits - Got your BOB on? (Bug out Bag)... Let's get you rolling! Disaster & Survival Auto Kits - Got your BOB on? (Bug out Bag)... Let's get you rolling!

    Safe Driver

    Worried that your teenager might engage in unsafe driving behaviors? Concerned that you might not be able to find them? Safe Driver uses the GPS on the phone to look up speed limits and other information about the area where your teenager is driving. If they exceed the speed limit or engage in other unsafe driving behaviors, you get a text letting you know about it.


    Some parents prefer that their teenager be able to answer the phone when they call, even if they're behind the wheel. After all, you don't want to worry unnecessarily. However, you don't want your teenager to take their hands off the wheel, either. enables hands-free, voice-activated reading of incoming texts and will send an automatic response for your teen.

    These apps can't make your teenager into a perfect driver, but they can help increase the odds of safe behavior when your teen is behind the wheel. The peace of mind you'll gain from knowing that they're driving safely makes it well worth it!

  • On the Road in Winter

    Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior

    Driving and walking can become extremely hazardous due to icy conditions, snowfall accumulation, low visibility, or extreme cold. People may need to stay at home or work without utilities or other services, until driving is safe.

    Stay off the road during and immediately after a winter storm if possible, as well as during winter weather advisories or watches.

    If driving is necessary, follow these tips from America’s PrepareAthon! to prepare for travel:

    • 1) Ensure you have emergency supplies of food and water, warm clothing, and a full tank of gas;
    • 2) Try to travel during the day and not travel alone;
    • 3) Stay on main roads; and

    Let someone know your destination, route, and expected arrival time.

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