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  • National Preparedness Month Week 2

    Week 2: September 10 - 16

    Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community

    During this second week of National Preparedness Month, we have TWO FREE Infographics for you to Pin, Post, Tweet, Blog, put up on your website, email to friends, or print and share! If you want to go further, we’ve got these great under-a-buck ponchos & emergency blankets available at 37% to 54% off – pass them out with a copy of the “50 Uses” Infographics!  Remember, too, National Prepareathon Day, September 15, is the perfect time to do a no cost action – take a few minutes to discuss and practice your emergency plan with your family and within your business or organization – or share these free infographics on the 15th. September 15 is a day of action when families, organizations, and communities become better prepared for hazards and other emergencies.

    From just 98¢-$1.33 each (depending upon quantity) this is the “ultimate survival tool”. So handy and inexpensive,  you will want one for your home, car, desk, purse, pack – everywhere and anywhere!
    ALSO: See the e-book showing 50 great uses for an emergency blanket - FREE

    Don’t Get Stuck in a Shower! Our “wonder tool” recommendation for severe weather is a PONCHO – From 74¢-99¢ each (depending upon quantity) you’ve got an emergency shelter, cover, wrap, all-in-one wet-weather solution!
    ALSO: See the infodeck showing Interesting & Alternative Uses for an Emergency Rain Poncho - FREE

  • Foiled again

    Whether you call it a space blanket, mylar blanket, emergency blanket, or like ANSI, refer to it as a foil blanket... this is a lifesaver - literally.

    Like a poncho, an emergency mylar blanket is one of those "wonder tools" that is really, really inexpensive, yet can serve a myriad of emergency first aid and survival needs.

    Disaster survival preparation may seem overwhelming and expensive. We are going to make it very easy and share with you 50 uses for Mylar Solar Emergency Blankets which are inexpensive and easy! Tourniquets, emergency pillow, poncho, canopy, fire starter, flotation device, clothing, shade, sling for broken arm, trail markers, sleeping bag liner, leg warmer, reflective or signal device, even a gift, and much more! You can print to hand out with the blankets, email to friends, post it online… whatever you like – it’s free!


    The International Safety Equipment Association & American National Standards Institute, Inc. ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 First Aid Standards recommend a Foil blanket to treat shock and/or cold-stress related injuries.

    Learn more

    Solar Emergency Blanket 84 x 52 - BEST VALUE! Solar Emergency Blanket 84 x 52 - BEST VALUE!


  • 50 USES FOR SOLAR EMERGENCY BLANKETS - Free e-book / infographic

    FREE e-book / Infographic to share for America's PrepareAthon Tomorrow!

    National Preparedness Month is ending… culminating in America’s PrepareAthon™ Tomorrow on September 30th.
    What have you done?

    As a valued customer, we’ve got a free infographic for you to share as well showing 50 Uses for Solar Emergency Blankets – You can print to hand out Tomorrow, email to friends, post it online… whatever you like – it’s free!

    Download the 50 uses for a solar emergency rescue blanket e-book / infographic in printable pdf, graphic image, of embed code to add you your own website! FEE Download the 50 uses for a solar emergency rescue blanket e-book / infographic in printable pdf, graphic image, of embed code to add you your own website! FREE

    Also - as part of our plan for National Preparedness Month, we brought in a whole container of our best-selling emergency blanket – but guess what? They just arrived. (How’s that for preparedness!?!) So, even though these are already really, really inexpensive (From 98¢ each) and serve a multitude of uses, we’re offering a 3 day BOGO Deal on top of that! That’s right: Two-fer, Buy-One-Get-One, whatever you call it – these are now as little as 49¢ each for TWO DAYS ONLY!
    Stock up – hand them out to everyone you know to help build “Preparedness Awareness”. Buy now and use for Holiday Gifts!
    For the Buy-one-get-one deal on the emergency blankets, just add as many as you like, then enter code ‘NPM2015’ in your shopping cart (not at checkout)

  • Emergency Questions...

    WA44SPHow long does Emergency Drinking Water last?

    Our emergency drinking water has a 5 year shelf life from the date of manufacture.

    These emergency drinking water pouches are the best foil water pouches we have found for long term survival and preparedness needs. It is critical to have safe drinking water available in a crisis, and these pouches are easily transportable if you have to evacuate or relocate to safer ground.

    This purified water is ready for for immediate use. It is packaged using materials for optimum durability under State of California bottle license #45770. Lightweight and extremely compact, this product boasts USCG (United States Coast Guard) approval under certificate 160.026/70/0.

    • Emergency Water Pouch - 4.225 Ounce Each
    • Essential Emergency Preparedness Item
    • United States Coast Guard Approved
    • 5 Year Shelf Life*
    • Packaged in USA


    Each pouch contains 4.225 oz. (125 ml) of refreshing and vitally important drinking water. You can drink right from the easy-to-open pouch, and will also find we offer this emergency water packet in a 6 pack (with easy-pour spout bag) as well as in a case of 100 water pouches perfect for stacking in your long term emergency survival supply storage. Ideal for emergency kits and can also double as an ice pack for first aid.

    These water pouches serve as pre-rationed packets that are perfect completing 72-hour kits, auto emergency kits, bug out bags or just keeping around the house in case of water loss which can occur from contamination, power outage (the most common type of emergency) or just about any man-made or natural disaster. Great for camping, too!

    *Each pouch of water is stamped with an expiration date of 5 years from packaging - obviously, these need to be produced in advance, and cannot magically transport to your door the day of production, but we endeavor to rotate stock and ship regularly, so while the pouches won't have an exact 5 year shelf life when they arrive to you, they will be as close as possible, and always 4 years or longer. While best used by the expiration date, they may be viable thereafter.

    URG-0101_011916What are your emergency blankets made of and how warm will they keep me?

    • Waterproof & Reusable
    • Use to offset hypothermic reaction
    • Reflective surface provides high visibility
    • Space-age design retains up to 90% of body heat
    • For emergencies, camping, sporting survival & more


    They're made of aluminized non-stretch polyester, which is a lightweight reflective material that maintains up to 90% of your radiant body heat to help preserve crucial warmth. The blanket is large enough to cover most people from head to toe (84" x 52"), small enough to fit in a pocket, and is water-resistant.

    Developed for use by our astronauts. The Mylar solar sleeping bags and blankets retain 90% of our body heat and can be used as ground cover or a shield from the elements. (URG-0101)

    ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 First Aid Standards recommend a Foil blanket to treat shock and/or cold-stress related injuries.

    Space Blanket ?• Mylar Blanket ?• Solar Blanket ?• Thermal Blanket ?• ?Rescue Blanket • Survival Blanket ?• Emergency Blanket

  • Moonies

    Moon-landiingOn this day in 1969, what was one small step for man was indeed a giant leap for mankind. At 10:56 p.m. EDT, Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon, 240,000 miles away from his home planet. That was the very first time anyone had stepped foot on the moon. Caught on tape by a video recorder attached to the Eagle craft which carried the astronauts, Armstrong is seen stepping down from the ladder to the dusty surface of the strange new landscape. "Buzz" Aldrin joined soon after, taking photographs of the terrain and planting the U.S. flag in the

    This, of course - too is where the technology for our space blankets came from.

    Blankets, Bags & Bivvies

    URG-0101_011916Emergency Space Blankets & Bivvies - Sleeping Bags & Warmth: Mylar Space Blankets for emergency warmth, rescue & survival - see the Amazing Bivvy (Bivouac sack)...the ultra-light, ultra-warm full protection shelter!
    Emergency Blankets reflect 90% of body heat & fit one person or two + they can be used as shelter & for signaling. The SOL Emergency Bivvy is a full-protection shelter that reflects 90% of body heat for warmth in extreme temperatures. Also see Fire Blankets and Burn Wrap Blankets Get more information on important Survival Skills information.

    Emergency Blankets > Emergency & Outdoor Preparedness Supplies > Mylar Solar Blankets & Bivvy

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