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flush chemicals

  • Tips on Treating Chemical Burns

    Image with instructions on treating a chemical burn

    • Call 9-1-1 or EMS immediately.
    • Gently brush away any excess powdered chemicals from the skin, being careful not to get the chemical on you or elsewhere on the casualty. Be especially careful of the eye area.
    • Immediately flush the remaining chemicals off the burned area with copious amounts of running water for at least 15-20 minutes. Use a shower, hose, or any available water faucet. Continue to flush with water while carefully removing any clothing from the burned area.
    • Place a clean, sterile dressing over the burn area.
    • Burns from various chemicals require specific first aid care. Check the Material Safety Data Sheet and/or product label for treatment recommendations. Give these MSDS (now often called just SDS) instructions to Emergency Medical Personnel when they arrive.


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