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  • Holiday Surprises

    Everyone likes a Holiday Surprise... well we got ours!

    For our Company Holiday Event, we were just told to arrive at the Company Building for a 7:00 AM Saturday departure and that we would be back Sunday evening around 8:00 PM (It actually ended up closer to 10:00 PM.) Clues were posted on the Employee Bulletin Board each day for a Month... but the clues still left use clueless (they ALL make sense now, Ha Ha!)
    We were told to dress for any type of weather (layers) to wear comfortable shoes, and to bring something nice for dinner... away we went!

    What an awesome time - Solvang Danish Village, Suites for all at the Cambria Pines Lodge, The Cambria Christmas Market, a Holiday light show like none of us have ever seen (it went on for miles!) and great Dinner and dancing...then Hearst Castle the following day... wow. We were overwhelmed (and a bit wiped out for work Monday!)

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