1. Prestan Adult Manikins (WITH FREE SHIPPING)
    Categories: CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

    Prestan Adult Manikins (WITH FREE SHIPPING)

    Prestan Adult Manikins Prestan CPR & AED Manikins & Supplies - Guaranteed Lowest Price and FREE Shipping Offer: Prestan Professional Manikin – includes FREE BONUS ITEMS (CPR practice shields, masks, and gloves. Over $20 value for free). Prestan Manikins are guaranteed to be the future of CPR / AED training manikins! Prestan's revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant feedback to both...
  2. Prestan Professional Family Pack
    Categories: CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

    Prestan Professional Family Pack

    THE AMAZING AND AFFORDABLE - PRESTAN PROFESSIONAL MANIKINS Prestan Professional Family Pack - Two Adult Manikins, Two Infant Manikins & One Child Manikin.  Realistic to the eye and the touch, Prestan Professional Manikins are unlike any other CPR Manikins on the market. Available individually, or in convenient multi-packs of four for class training purposes, our manikins are uniquely designed as...
  3. The AED UltraTrainer Child Button
    Categories: AED (Automated External Defibrillators)

    The AED UltraTrainer Child Button

    Easily Switch from Adult to Child AED Training! The Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ Child Button: • Allows effortless transition to child simulation during training • Switches to customized programming for accurate child AED training • Mimics an actual AED by providing a distinct child scenario • Is used with the AED UltraTrainer training pads which carry dual illustrations that include both...
  4. Customizing the Prestan AED UltraTrainer
    Categories: AED (Automated External Defibrillators)

    Customizing the Prestan AED UltraTrainer

    You can CUSTOMIZE your AED Training! With a touch of a button, the Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ can be modified to fit any training preferences. Options are easily programmed and include: • Child Button - Easily switch from Adult to Child Simulation • 5 Training Scenarios • Currently Available in Two Languages (English/Spanish) (English/French) • Automatic or Semi-Automatic Shock Simulation • CPR...

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