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  • This year it is all about YOU, our Customer.

    This year it is all about YOU, our Customer.

    2019. This year, we want to get personal with our customers. How can we help you meet your safety needs and cut your spending?
    We've been doing this for over 25 years now, and really do know how to help you make a difference if you will let us.
    Just "reply" to this email with what you want or need, or call us Toll Free, and we will assign the best person or people from our Team to help you.

    Some ideas/requests we have had from other customers that may inspire you:

    • Can you review our first aid, CPR, and emergency item purchases from all suppliers last year and help us find more cost-effective options?
    • Can you let us know when X will be on sale? We buy a lot of it and would like to stock up when it is at the lowest price this year.
    • We are stocked up on First Aid Items, but don't have disaster supplies - what do you recommend?
    • Can you check to see if our supplies meet OSHA requirements for our business?
    • Can you help us restock our expired and depleted kits?
    • We have our first aid supplies, but need training, who do you recommend?
    • Can we get better pricing on X?
    • We would like to send out a custom kit to our clients and employees this year to show we care - can you help?

    What can we do? Ask anything!
    OK - we are standing by have at us! We value your continued business and are here to do anything and everything we can.
    Happy New Year!

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