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  • On the Road in Winter

    Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior

    Driving and walking can become extremely hazardous due to icy conditions, snowfall accumulation, low visibility, or extreme cold. People may need to stay at home or work without utilities or other services, until driving is safe.

    Stay off the road during and immediately after a winter storm if possible, as well as during winter weather advisories or watches.

    If driving is necessary, follow these tips from America’s PrepareAthon! to prepare for travel:

    • 1) Ensure you have emergency supplies of food and water, warm clothing, and a full tank of gas;
    • 2) Try to travel during the day and not travel alone;
    • 3) Stay on main roads; and

    Let someone know your destination, route, and expected arrival time.

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