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  • Leaves Turning, Throats Burning + Don't forget Nose & Toes

    Here we are in Autumn and heading toward Winter!

    Colder weather brings needs that are far different from warmer times… from avoiding the “kennel cough” rampaging around work or school, to treating the sniffles – even special concerns with driving on cold, wet roads or staying cozy at Fall outdoor events. Remember, too, that Autumn weather brings dry lips and itchy eyes, and holidays bring burns from cooking, campfires, and indoor warming devices. We would like to share our Team’s top recommendations for a healthy and safe season:

    Cold, Cough, Allergy
    & Sinus Relief

    Hand Sanitizer
    Gels & Towelettes

    & Deodorizers

    Eye Drops

    Lip Ointment / Lip Balm

    Automobile & Roadside Emergency

    Emergency Heat & Warmth

    Burn Relief Gels & Creams

  • 50 Free Unique Emergency Poncho Uses and Tips

    What do April Showers Bring?
    Soaked People & Sopping Stuff!

    Get a Hooded Emergency Poncho for 99¢ or less and get our FREE 'Interesting & Alternative Uses for an Emergency Poncho' Infographic E-Book!

    Don't be all wet! April showers bring May flowers but also soaking wet situations. Rain ponchos not only keep you dry and prevent sickness during rainfall and stormy weather, but they are also useful in many other severe situations. Our all-in-one, really inexpensive hooded rain ponchos are especially useful for survival and comfort during survival emergencies. For as little as 74¢ these rain ponchos can be your salvation if you find yourself in hot water (or in this case perhaps cold).

    Speaking of May Flowers...

    Allergy, Sinus, Cold, and Cough Remedies

    Cold and Cough Medications + Sinus and Allergy Relief in single dose packets, bulk & Wholesale Direct! Cough & Cold Remedies - Our cough and cold tablets are fast acting Sinus and Nasal Decongestant Tablets, Cold Plus no PSE & Tablets comparable to Tylenol Cold and Cough available in capsules and convenient single dose tablet packets. Looking for Benadryl?

    CLICK HERE for Allergy, Sinus, Cold, and Cough Remedies

    Heading out? You need more than just a Poncho...

    Outdoor & Camping First Aid

    These discount Camping first aid kits have been developed specifically for use in the outdoors. With supplies including sting reliever, sun block, and moleskin, you'll be prepared to deal with first aid emergencies when you are far from home. Be prepared with the appropriate Outdoor, Camping, Hiking, and Wilderness Preparedness Gear & Supplies.

    CLICK HERE for Outdoor & Camping First Aid

    Slipping in the mud with Spring Sports? Get Ready...

    Sports First Aid Kits

    Whether you are the dedicated coach, the starting athlete, or a fan on the sidelines, you know that being involved with sports can mean being involved with injury. Our line of sports first aid and sports medicine products includes emphasis on the things you need to put injury behind you and get back in the game.

    CLICK HERE for Sports First Aid Kits

  • Achoo

    Achoo, Achoo, the cold’s got you… Oh no, Oh no, could it be Flu?
    When you feel the tug of seasonal bug… You need to know what to do.

    Here we are folks! Back at Cough, Cold, Allergy, and Flu Season. We’ve added 50 new products at your request to help you get your work, home, or school ready for seasonal ailments.
    Stock up early as we sell out of these single dose packets and popular remedies every year. Please call or email us with any questions, or just follow the links below to explore the best values in a broad selection of medicines, treatments, and prevention solutions.

    See All Our Cold and Cough Tablets
    Get Ready for Cold Season!

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    Personal Protection Against Germs.
    See our Pandemic Protection Packs!

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    Stay Warm & Toasty this Season.
    Check Out All Our Warmer Packs!

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