1. 10% OFF Presidents Day Sale 2020
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    10% OFF Presidents Day Sale 2020

    .sitead { display: none !important; } Keep those Presidents in your pocket! That's right - now through Presidents Day, take an extra 10% off site-wide*... It is still cold, so get your Winter Warmth & Safety Products, or get a jump start on your Spring Sports and Outdoor needs! Enter code "DC-Discount" in your cart or at checkout for your...
  2. Sneaky Winter Hazards Safety Tips - #WeatherReady
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    Sneaky Winter Hazards Safety Tips - #WeatherReady

    The Winter season brings many weather events that can "sneak" up on you. These are weather hazards that cause big impacts and make travel difficult without making big news. See our safety tips below to keep yourself safe. Please share the post with your family and friends. You may download and share by clicking the download link under each infographic. You...
  3. Stay Protected Against Sun Damage!
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    Stay Protected Against Sun Damage!

    Wear Sunscreen in the Winter! Especially in the Mountains and Snow. Keep in mind the snow season for many mountain ranges in North America will continue well into May. During Winter and snowy Spring, most often people make the mistake of not finding shade as often during the winter because they are not getting sunburned as quickly and because the...
  4. Dry, Chapped Winter Lips?
    Categories: First Aid & Safety Tips

    Dry, Chapped Winter Lips?

    Dry Cracked Lips? DON'T SUFFER. PROTECT, PREVENT, AND HEAL. During the cold & dry winter season, the presence of chapped lips is very liekly. It is a good idea to always keep lip balm around and apply daily when you start to experience dry lips, especially while traveling. Protect your lips from the harshness of winter with moisturizing lip balm...
  5. Stay Protected from Infection!
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    Stay Protected from Infection!

    Triple Antibiotic Ointments Helps Prevent Infection From Harmful Bacteria These pouches are convenient for first aid kits, the office, purses, bags, hospitals, travel, workshops and more! Prevent infection and the spread of harmful bacteria with Safetec® Single Antibiotic Ointment with Bacitracin, Single Antibiotic Ointment with Neomycin, or Triple Antibiotic Ointment. Our convenient single-use packaging is available in 25, 144 and...
  6. Leaves Turning, Throats Burning + Don't forget Nose & Toes
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    Leaves Turning, Throats Burning + Don't forget Nose & Toes

    Here we are in Autumn and heading toward Winter! Colder weather brings needs that are far different from warmer times… from avoiding the “kennel cough” rampaging around work or school, to treating the sniffles – even special concerns with driving on cold, wet roads or staying cozy at Fall outdoor events. Remember, too, that Autumn weather brings dry lips and...
  7. Santa can $AVE
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    Santa can $AVE

    Why pay full price for presents? Get brand new top quality gifts that GIVE TWICE.. for 80% off!
  8. Welcome to Meteorological Winter! ?
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    Welcome to Meteorological Winter! ?

    Here we are... while the first day of Calendar Winter (the Winter Solstice) isn't until December 21...just step outside.. Brrrr... it's Winter! Meteorological Winter began two days ago. What are some things you need to know to get safe and ready? Here are a few helpful articles to get you prepping! How to Prepare Before a Winter Storm What is...
  9. Things to Know in the Snow
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    Things to Know in the Snow

    What should you know about the snow? Frostbite Treating Frostbite Hypothermia Winter Care for Pets Working in the Cold… Take these precautions outdoors Winter – the deceptive killer Heavy snow can immobilize a region and paralyze a city, stranding commuters, closing airports, stopping the flow of supplies, and disrupting emergency and medical services. In 2015, Boston broke the all­-time winter...
  10. Winter - the deceptive killer
    Categories: Disaster, Survival, and Preparedness & Safety Tips

    Winter - the deceptive killer

    As cold slowly seeps into your bones, so does a winter storm sneak up to wreak havoc. While whiteouts, blizzards, and ice storms are obvious threats, the dangerously low temperatures, long snowfalls, and rains may not appear as deadly as they can be. As Weather Ready Ambassadors, we remind you that the National Weather Service refers to winter storms as...

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