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Campfire Safety

Getting the Itch to head outdoors? Weather is changing, and soon all the camping, hiking, and wilderness adventures will begin!

Before they do, we'd like to review some review some campfire safety tips:

campfire~ Always use a designated fire pit and NEVER EVER use gasoline or kerosene as a starter fluid or accelerant to start or increase campfires.

~ Children should never build a fire without adult supervision and a 3-foot "no kids zone" should be enforced at all times.

~ Have water readily available prior to building your fire.

~ Extinguish your fire safely and make sure all COALS have been extinguished before you leave. Many burn injuries come from abandoned and improperly disposed of and/or extinguished coals

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Outdoor First Aid Preparedness: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Canoeing, Kayaking, whatever your outdoor or wilderness adventure. We've got your emergency and preparedness gear needs covered with: Body Warmers & Hot Packs, Calamine Lotion, Emergency Food Rations, Flashlights, Ivy Barriers, Lip Ointment, Sting Relief Products, Solar Blankets, Moleskin for Blisters, Outdoor First Aid and Sunscreen, Lotions and Towelettes. (Don't forget Cold Packs for injuries & Electrolytes for heat-related outdoor first aid issues!)

Outdoor First Aid Supplies for Wilderness, Adventure, Hiking, Camping & Outside Work Preparedness

Whether a Day Hike, Friends over for Backyard fun, or a Backcountry adventure… Being outdoors means you need to prepare. Insect Stings and Bites, Snakes, and Sunburn all occur at home and afield. Dehydration, Hypothermia, Blisters and much worse can happen on the trail or at the campsite. Be prepared with the appropriate Outdoor, Camping, Hiking, and Wilderness Preparedness Gear & Supplies. Here are some easy solutions to help keep the outdoor activities fun and worry-free.

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