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Foot Care & HealthiFeet

Adventure Medical Foot Care & HealthiFeet: Blisters, Injury,Treatment & Healing - HealthiFeet & Adventure Medical Foot care products for Campers, Hikers, and anyone with sore feet! HealthiFeet is a podiatrist-recommended topical cream clinically proven to relieve foot discomfort associated with cold feet. Adventure Medical Blister Medic Kit, Glacier Gel Blister & Burn Dressings, and Adventure Medical Moleskin will treat your aching feet the way they need to be treated!

Foot Care for blisters, hiking, cold feet, blisters and more...


HealthiFeet® warms cold feet. HealthiFeet® contains L-Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid, which helps restore temperature to cold feet keeping them warm and comfortable. Improved warmth relieves numbness and discomfort in feet leaving them relaxed and restored. After one week of twice daily applications, topical use of L-Arginine has been clinically proven to relieve foot discomfort associated with cold feet (Diabetes Care Study, Volume 27, Number 1: 284-285, 2004). HealthiFeet® offers a unique and effective solution to cold feet. Those with insufficient levels of L-Arginine can experience coldness and numbness in their feet. HealthiFeet® assists in the restoration of proper L-Arginine levels in foot tissue, increasing warmth and alleviating numbness. The patented penetrating formula of HealthiFeet® naturally absorbs through your skin, exactly where you need it.

The Blister Medic combines the tried-and-true protection of Moleskin with the advanced relief and healing of GlacierGel™. The Blister Medic is the best of both worlds, combining the tried-and-true protection and blister prevention of Moleskin with the advanced relief and healing of GlacierGel™ hydrogel dressings. Alcohol pads for skin preparation and antiseptic towelettes for wound cleaning round out the package.

GlacierGel™ hydrogel dressings provide cushioning to prevent friction to blisters and burns. GlacierGel™ Advanced Blister and Burn Dressings benefit from patented second-generation hydrogel technology. The adhesive gels provide cushioning to prevent friction to sensitive skin areas.

AMK's pre-shaped and die-cut Moleskin is easy to apply with no scissors necessary! - Moleskin is the most reliable dressing for blister prevention available. AMK has made it easier than ever to apply, adding die-cut shapes to fit common problem areas, including the heel, side of foot, and toes. Apply moleskin to problem areas before you begin hiking or as soon as you feel friction on the trail, and blisters will be a thing of the past. Includes alcohol wipes for surface preparation.

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