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Professional First Aid Kits

Adventure Medical Professional Kits: For Wilderness Medical Professionals and Guides - Outfitters love these top-of-the-line Adventure Medical First Aid and Emergency Kits are for the serious rescuer. Built with high quality materials and stocked with top of the line supplies, these Professional kits will be able to withstand the rigors of caring for large groups in all types of unforgiving environments. Any guide, mountaineer and trip leader will know that they have the best medical equipment and supplies in case an emergency arises when seconds count!

Professional Kits - Expedition, Ultralight Pro and many more medical kits for guides and professionals!

A "Must Have" for Wilderness & Adventure guides and Outdoor guides,Hunting guides, and Adventure Travel guides

From Wikipedia:

Wilderness Guide

A wilderness guide is a person who takes a number of individuals to visit some part of wilderness, such as forest, bogs, hills, on or off marked paths, and ensure the safety of the group while leading them through the wilderness which the guide has knowledge of.

The first priority is the safety of the group, which is why wilderness guides are expected to have a command of basic survival skills (such as making shelters, fire-making, hiking, orienteering and first-aid) as well as experience in survival in extreme conditions and all seasons, and how to deal with an emergency. The guide is also expected to have a deep understanding of the nature of the place he is guiding in, and able to answer questions of the group concerning the local flora and fauna, ecology, geological morphology, as well as cultural history of the place visited.

Other skills may include traditional handicrafts and cooking methods, fishing, hunting, bird watching, nature conservation and animal specialties.

These wilderness guided tours usually take place on foot (or skis or snowshoes if there is snow) but may also involve other vehicles such as cars, snowmobiles, canoes/kayaks, or sledges (traditionally pulled by huskies or reindeers in countries such as Sweden, Finland and Canada). ]Hunting guide / Outfitter - Guides employed by those seeking to hunt wildlife, especially big game animals in the wild. Hunting guides have been important in many areas of the world, including the American west, the Adirondacks, and Africa, etc. Hunting guides in Africa of European descent are commonly referred to as White hunter, although this is becoming a less fashionable term these days, as in most African countries today there are also native African "hunters" or hunting guides.

Safari guide

Guides employed on safari, usually for "photographic safaris", although the term can also refer to a "hunting guide" or Professional Hunter. Safari guides who are self-employed, working on their own account with their own marketing and clientele (in contrast with those who work for an employer) sometimes refer to themselves as "professional safari guides".

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