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Genuine First Aid

Whether at work or at play, in the car or truck or in the great outdoors, be prepared with a quality Genuine Emergency First Aid Kit that provides the first aid needed for ANY occasion.From babies to adults, loved ones and friends and even perfect strangers, be prepared to help when it is most needed, with quality first aid kits. UNIQUE Patented "Easy Access Pocket System" Emergency First Aid Refills!

  1. $1.24
    As low as: $0.87 Item/SKU:GFAP-62-01

  2. $14.46
    As low as: $10.12 Item/SKU:FA-R101

    • First Aid Kit with 101 essential first aid items
    • All Purpose Kit, Soft-Sided Storage Case, with Easy Access Pocket System
    • Cuts, Burns, Bleeding, CPR,Protection, Instruments
    • English / Spanish Bilingual
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  3. $18.62
    As low as: $13.03 Item/SKU:FA-R202

    • 202 essential first aid items
    • Easy Access Pocket System
    • All purpose for home, auto, work, more
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  4. $24.86
    As low as: $17.40 Item/SKU:FA-R303

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