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Medique Branded Tablets and Medications not only offers standard single ingredient Medique® Brand over-the-counter medications, we also offer multiple ingredient formulations, in occupational health packaging. We offer several box / quantity sizes for varying usage needs. Individual dose, tamper-evident dual layer foil packets provide an added layer of protection which keeps moisture and light out of the dosage packets. The Medique boxes are color coded and have perforated dispensing cut outs. This will aid you in locating the product you need to use as well as accessing the dosage quickly. Also see all Medique Brand Products.

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Medique® brand pain relief medications offer effective relief from arthritis pain, muscle aches, headache, toothaches, menstrual cramps and fevers. Most dosages are microfilm coated for easier swallowing. Above you will also find: safe and effective formulations for relief of the symptoms of allergies, colds & flu. Pleasant-tasting medications that relieve heartburn, indigestion and gas. Relief from stomach and G.I. discomforts. A convenient alternative to the usual heat stress drink mixes, is a tablet that replenishes electrolytes when taken with water.

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