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Otis Clapp Products offers safe and effective Otis Clapp products - these tablets and single dose packaging have been the number one choice of School Nurses for decades! As the oiginator of unit dose packaging for over-the-counter medications, Otis Clapp covers the essential remedy needs including: Mygrex Easy-to-swallow advanced headache pain relief for common cold, nasal & sinus drainage, fever reduction, headache, toothaches and menstrual cramps. Back-Quell back pain relief for back pain and muscular aches. Valihist - for colds, hay fever, respiratory allergies, relieves runny nose, reduces sneezing, relieves itching of the nose & throat, relieves watery eyes due to hay fever. Also see all Medique Brand Products.

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Above you will find headache pain relief, back pain relief, cold relief, and hay fever medications.

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