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Burn Relief Gels & Creams

Burn Relief Gels & Burn Creams for Burn Treatment and Burn Relief: Water Jel Burn Gel & Cool Gel, Water Jel & BurnAid Packets, BurnAid Burn Relief & Burn Dressings. SafeTec Burn Gel with Lidocaine, After Burn with Aloe, First Aid Burn Creams. See our Burn Safety Center for Burn Spray & other fire / burn safety supplies. Everything you need to treat burns! Wondering about how to stop a burn from stinging & hurting? These products are designed for burn pain relief as well as treating a burn. Want to lear more about Burn Treatment methods? Learn more in our Burn first aid instructions.

Burn Treatment Gels & Burn Relief Creams

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    • 144 individual .9 gram Burn Gel Packets per Dispenser Front Box
    • Relieves Pain Fast
    • Enriched with Aloe Vera
    • Cools & Soothes Damaged Skin
    • Contains 2.0% Lidocain
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  4. $15.65
    As low as: $10.96 Item/SKU:53410

    • 144 packets per Dispenser Front Box: First Aid & Burn Cream
    • For temporary relief of pain associated with minor burns
    • Helps protect against harmful bacteria
    • Effective Against MRSA and E. Coli
    • Increased Expiration Dates
    • Industry-Leading Shelf Life
    • Made in USA
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