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Adam™ & David™ Manikins

Simulaids David™ & Simulaids Adam™ Manikins + the new AJ CPR Training Manikin! Adam CPR™ & David CPR™ Training Manikins come with with patented ball/valve airway which replicates the occluded airway of the victim in need of CPR, and opens to allow air to lungs when proper chin lifts are applied. Rugged and easy to use. Features include: personal use channel mouth/nosepieces for each student, lightweight, portable, lifelike anatomical landmarks, carotid pulse, sternum, ribcage, and substernal notch. Soft carry case with kneeling pads included.

David & Adam CPR Manikins PLUS A.J. CPR Manikins by Simulaids®

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