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Dog CPR / Canine Manikins

Canine CPR Manikins & Dog First Aid Video DVDs: Humans are not the only mammals that can be helped by performing CPR. Learning and knowing how to perform CPR on your own dog with the proper tools can be a life saver for your pooch. We offer top of the line Manikins, supplies, and DVDs from Nasco, Simulaid and more to help you train for the time when and wherever you would need to perform CPR for your Canine! (Also see Bow Ow First Aid Kit for Dogs & Canine First Aid & CPR Video!)

Casper the CPR Dog, Basic & Advanced Sanitary Dog, Replacement Muzzles / Nosepieces and much more!

  • Basic Sanitary CPR Dog


  • Advanced Sanitary CPR Dog


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