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Casualty Simulation & Moulage

Mock Casualty & Wound Simulation Kits: "Moulage" Being able to replicate a real life trauma condition is very important when training first responders, EMT's and other emergency personal. This not only involves having life like manikins to perform CPR on or use to diagnose maladies, but also being able to perform the art of "Moulage" on objects or even people . Being able to place mock wounds and injuries for training purposes gives a trainee the sense of what they will first encounter when they come across an accident victim. Using makeup or other type of elements of realism such as blood, vomit, or a mocked-up open fracture helps give a sense of what can happen in real life and not only helps a student but also instructors to show and portray real life events. We have Moulage kits that cover everything from what a medic may see on a battlefield in regard to battle wounds, to forensic moulage wound kits to portray a grizzly crime scene and even a kit that can mock a multiple casualty accident!

Trauma, Advanced Military Casualty Simulation, Forensic Wound Simulation, Multiple Casualty, Full Body Manikins and more!!

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