Choking Manikins

Lifelike Choking Torso Manikins... Adult, Child, Infant & Obese Choker: Choking is one of the most common emergencies that can occur. It doesn't discern whether you are an Adult, Adolescent or Infant, it can happen at anytime and if the obstruction is not dislodged, it can be fatal. Learning how to help a choking victim can be the difference between life and death and we have just the tools to help. Our Choking Manikins are designed as realistically as possibly so as an instructor or a student, you can train or practice as true as possible to the overall goal: clear a blocked airway. We sell all shapes and sizes from Infant size to Adults and we even have an obese model to train and practice with!

Training Manikins for Choking - Learn to clear blocked airways for Adults, Children and Infants!

Completely realistic manikins available in child, adolescent, and adult sizes. Each life-size head and upper torso allows practice of abdominal thrust, chest thrust, and back blow procedures for clearing FBAO’s. Manikins are made with specially selected durable vinyl to create tactile realism. When correct clearing procedures are performed, the manikin will expel the object causing the obstruction. The choking objects provided make excellent practice obstructions. Each manikin has a ribcage, xiphoid process, and jugular notch to provide anatomical reference points for the demonstration of hand placement for CPR technique. This aids in learning the physical shifts necessary. Most these choking manikins include choking objects, shirt, and soft carry bag

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