First Aid & Trauma Manikins

First Aid Arms, Full Body Trauma Manikins & Fracture Simulators: Trauma and First Aid Simulation are some of the most important parts of medical training that teach a first responder and EMT how to make a decision in a split second which can mean the time between life and death. Having a sense of realism during training is very important to accomplish this task. We offer a plethora of trauma simulators to help a student learn the task of stopping severe bleeding, set an open fracture, learn how much pressure to apply to person to put their leg in traction and even have fully body Trauma manikins that have the real life feeling, and weight of a human being. Book learning is great but there is no training such as real world trauma conditions!

Full Body Trauma Manikins, First Aid Arm, Imaging Fracture Simulator, Traction Splint Trainer, and much more!

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