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Kim™ Manikins

Simulaids Kim™ Infant CPR Manikin: Economically priced, lightweight and sturdy, the newborn Kim™ CPR manikin is the perfect training product for teaching CPR for newborns. Economically priced and designed for instruction of CPR, these pediatric manikins feature lightweight, rugged, foam filled bodies, personal use channel mouth/nosepieces for each student, and disposable airways with nonrebreathing valves. Landmarks include nipples, xiphoid process, and substernal notch. Soft carry bag included. With accessories such as individual nose/mouth pieces, a carry bag and a disposable airway system, you are in possession of all you need to be ready to train or learn CPR for newborns!

Newborn Kim™ CPR training Manikin - Foam filled, no internal parts, lightweight and ready to use!

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