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Little Anne® Manikins

Laerdal Little Anne™ Adult CPR Manikin & Accessories: "Annie, Annie, Are you OK?" Everybody has heard of Annie when learning CPR - She's famous! Little Anne™ is our best selling "Annie" CPR Manikin by Laerdal. Little Anne® CPR training manikin is designed to provide more students high quality adult CPR training by being realistic, durable, cost effective and lightweight. She comes in other shapes, sizes and configurations as well, and Laerdal offers a whole Family for helping Anne teach CPR. Also see - Baby Anne, Little Junior, and the Laerdal CPR Manikin Family Pack from the Little Anne Line! For the more Advanced Anne Family, also see Resusci Anne, Resusci Junior & Resusci Baby.

Laerdal Little Anne™ Adult CPR Manikin, Parts, Lungs and Supplies - Get your "Annie" on.

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