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Resusci® Baby Manikins

Resusci® Baby CPR Manikin by Laerdal / Laerdal Resusci® Baby Basic and SkillGuide™ Infant CPR Training Manikins: Instructors call Resuci Baby the "Best Infant CPR Training Manikins", The Resusci Baby manikin offers realism and quality to infant CPR education. Its full-body construction, and use of the optional SkillGuide performance indicator enable students to quickly sharpen their skills in performing infant CPR to high standards. For other ages in the Anne Family, also see Resusci Anne & Resusci Junior. If you want to get advanced with Resusci Baby, call us Toll free for information on Resusci Baby with SkillGuide™. Looking for more basic/economical CPR manikins? We offer the Laerdal BLS CPR Manikin line: Little Anne, Little Junior, Baby Anne,& the Laerdal CPR Manikin Family Pack!

Resusci® Baby Basic Infant CPR Training Manikin with hard case. Resusci Baby Airways & Accessories

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