Heart & Lungs Sounds

Auscultation: Heart & Lung Sounds Simulators: The stethoscope, though simplistic looking, is one of the most used and important tools in the medical profession. Auscultation of the major organs such as heart, lungs and gastrointestinal system requires substantial clinical experience, good equipment and very in tune listening skills. We offer an abundance of high quality auscultation simulators for instructors to to train a group, small or large, to teach students everything from identifying the most basic heart and lung conditions, being able to choose from a dozen different heart, lung and gastrointestinal conditions. We even have Auscultation Practice boards, where when coupled with different devices such as Smartscopes, trainers and remotes, can be built into a Complete Auscultation Training Station! Don't sell yourself short, learn with the best training simulators and equipment.

Heat & Lung Sound Simulators, Auscultation Practice Board, SmartScope™, trainers and much more!

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