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Nursing & Patient Care Skills

Nursing Skill Simulation & Patient Care Skills Training Aids: As the adage goes: "The only way to learn is to do" - This is never more important and critical than when it comes to teaching medical skills to future doctors, nurses and caregivers. Realistic teaching of procedures such as how to perform a tracheotomy, any type of ostomy, catheterization or something as basic as injectures, placing sutures or taking blood pressure are now much more readily available. Our lifelike nursing skill simulators and manikins raise the bar for teaching and learning the skills that someone in the medical field will need to use on a daily basis. Our real-life simulators and manikins are created and developed to be as realistic as possible to teach advanced skills such as such as ostomy care, female/male catheterization, arm/leg sutures, geriatric and pediatric care or even to bandage stumps. Our simulators and manikins and are built to feel and act like a real thing to give the best life-like training as possible!

First Aid Nursing Skill Simulators and Manikins - Pediatric, Geriatric, Spinal Injection, Ostomy, Tracheotomy, Catheterization, General Patient Care Simulators and much more!!

  • PDA STAT Baby


  • KERi Manikin Ausculation Update


  • KERi Auscultation Manikin


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