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Automobile & Roadside Emergency

Disaster & Survival Auto Kits - Emergency Roadside & Vehicle Preparedness Gear: We've got Emergency Gear for every situation - If you are working on your BOB or just want a ready made vehicle emergency or survival kit, this is the place for you - Discount and Wholesale Auto First Aid Kits designed specifically for roadside emergencies - AAA Road kits and Road Warrior emergency road side safety kits. These kits contain a variety of first aid supplies to treat minor injuries as well as supplies for responding to major emergencies. Some kits include motion sickness tablets. We have soft sided, and hard case automobile/vehicle first aid kits designed to fit in spaces in any car, truck, sport utility vehicle, mini-van, etc... Auto Kits - AAA Auto Kits - Auto Survival Kits - Car Emergency Accessories

Disaster & Survival Auto Kits - Got your BOB on? (Bug out Bag)... Let's get you rolling!

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  1. $16.39
    As low as: $11.47 Item/SKU:4182AAA

  2. $19.48
    As low as: $15.07 Item/SKU:4184AAA

  3. $26.21
    As low as: $18.35 Item/SKU:4180AAA

  4. $4.22
    As low as: $2.95 Item/SKU:FAO-310

  5. $7.68
    As low as: $5.38 Item/SKU:FAO-320

  6. $15.37
    As low as: $10.76 Item/SKU:FAO-532

    • Soft, "fit anywhere" Auto First Aid Kit
    • Medications & Antiseptics
    • Bandages, Wound Care & Injury Treatment
    • Bonus: Light stick, "Call 911" distress flag, plus First aid guide with Accident report form
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  7. $21.13
    As low as: $14.79 Item/SKU:FAO-552

    • Deluxe Soft Auto / Vehicle / Car First Aid Kit
    • Treats cuts and scrapes, pain and swelling, burns; contains signaling items
    • Clear-pocket organization for quick access
    • Recommended by Health Care Professionals
    • Bonus Emergency Light Stick
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  8. $28.70
    As low as: $20.09 Item/SKU:220-O

    • OSHA Commercial & Fleet Vehicle First Aid Kit
    • 25 Person: Meets federal OSHA requirements §1910.151b
    • Spanish / English Bilingual
    • Moisture Resistant Gasket
    • Wall/Cab Mountable
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  9. $46.76
    As low as: $32.73 Item/SKU:221-U/FAO

  10. $53.14
    As low as: $37.20 Item/SKU:KT-SMT

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Survival Kits for Cars

After 20 years, we've come up with the best selection of survival kits for cars we can offer. We've taken years of experience in disaster preparation and emergency supply to develop this list of survival kits for vehicles with complete car survival kit contents inside. We've added some additional car survival kit items individually for those of you interested in building a homemade car survival kit, if you know how to prepare a survival kit or have a car survival kit checklist you wish to obtain. Our site offers all the survival checklist essentials, and if you don't see it here, we've got it in our database - just give us a call Toll Free!

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