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Emergency Communication Devices

Survive a Disaster with Emergency Communication Equipment: From the SOL Howler Whistle to multi-function emergency alert devices, walkie talkies, and signaling mirrors... we've got your emergency alert needs covered! We even have a hand held Stop Sign ("Slow" on the reverse side - also great for crossing guards and traffic control!) - See Air Horns, Bull Horns and Radios (NOAA Weather Radios, Crank/Dynamo & Solar Radios - Even Walkie Talkies!) - we've got your emergency alert needs covered! We even have The American Red Cross "Alert" packs!

Communicate, Alert Rescuers to your location & Stay in touch with our Survival Communication Solutions

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    • Metal material is durable to withstand heavy use.
    • Metal ring lets you attaches the whistle to a lanyard (included).
    • Creates high-pitched noise with minimal effort
    • Perfect for alerting crowds during large events, emergency signaling, coaches, referees, playground and more
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    • Features a stone and twig guard to protect the rubber membrane and comes with a break-away lanyard.
    • Durable polypropylene construction floats and is easily seen with the blaze orange color
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  7. $19.95
    As low as: $13.97 Item/SKU:C/66M

    • 10 Watt
    • Talk, Record, Play Music
    • 60 Seconds Recording & Playback
    • Audible Range- 1,140 Feet
    • USB Cable Included
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