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Glow Sticks & Light Sticks

Signals, Lightsticks, & Glowsticks: Ready for a Blackout? Most Natural and Man-Made Disasters lead to power outages, too. It is hard to stay calm and feel safe in the type of darkness that ensues. Our survival light sticks and survival candles will light up those scary times so you can feel safer and take care of your survival needs. Try our LED and Chemical survival glow sticks, which we feel are the best light sticks on the market. our Bulk and Wholesale pricing makes it easy to stock up and be prepared - From waterproof matches to 36 and 120 hour survival candles - Lightsticks, Light Wands & Emergency lights - we've got it!

Light Sticks, Glow Stick, Emergency Candles, Strobes, Flashers & More!

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