Emergency Survival Kits

72 Hours & Longer Emergency Disaster Preparedness Kits: Go Bags, 1,2,3,4,5,10 & 20 person Survival Backpacks and Emergency Preparedness Supplies - even Office, School Lockdown and Large Group Survival Cache Packs. Each Survival Kit should reflect the needs of the person preparing to survive a major disaster or emergency, so we start you out here with "complete" 3 day / 72 hour survival bags with all the basics covered. Find the emergency essentials you require in well thought out disaster kits. You can add your personal items, meds, clothes, as well as gender and age-appropriate survival gear extras from here and your bug out bag will be ready to go! Whether preparing Individually or if you are looking for Emergency and Survival Kits for Mid-Sized Groups or Families - even Office & Classroom Emergency Kits... we've got them. A fully prepared Emergency kit can be useful for anything from a blackout to any type of natural disaster that can cause displacement or entrapment for an extended amount of time. Always think and be prepared! You may want to check out our cool survival tools, or read more about Emergency Supply Kit Information

DISASTER SURVIVAL EMERGENCY KITS - Survival Kits and Daypacks full of Survival Gear you need - Bug Out Bags, Backpack and Buckets - Be prepared for any disaster!

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Emergency Supply Kit Information

What's in your emergency supply kit? Above you'll find the emergency essentials to survive on the go... here are some other thoughts on preparedness and whet you need to shelter in place.

Keep enough supplies in your home to survive on your own, or shelter in place, for at least three days. If possible, keep these materials in an easily accessible, separate container or special cupboard. You should indicate to your household members that these supplies are for emergencies only. Check expiration dates of food and update your kits when you change your clock during daylight-saving times.

What is Survival? Not only should you hone your survival skills, but have the appropriate survival gear. We can't all be hard-core survivalists, but making sure you have a survival kit ready is simple preparedness sense.

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