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Evacuation & Fire Safety Equipment

Emergency Evacuation & Fire Supplies: FIRE! Nobody wants to hear this, but if you do; Are You Ready? Everyone knows you need Fire Extinguishers and Smoke/CO2 Alarms, but what about Fire Resistant Document Bags, Escape ladders for exiting a burning building during a fire or other catastrophe, fire blankets, burn kits and supplies, or even Fire and Evacuation Safety training materials? Fire is the most common disaster to strike... are you and your loved ones ready?

Fire Safety & Evacuation Supplies + Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms, escape hoods and More!


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  1. $157.79

    • Survival and first aid supplies sustain 2 people for up to 3 days
    • Backpack with 2 organized compartments to easily and quickly locate supplies
    • Shoulder straps keep your hands free to help others during an emergency
    • Wildfire specific supplies to keep you safe during the crisis
    • Bag has extra room to add personal items that may be needed
    • Keep the backpack handy in your car, home or office
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    • Fire Extinguisher perfect for Home, Auto, Boat
    • UL Tested
    • DOT Approved for Vehicles
    • 5BC Rated
    • 6 Year warranty
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Fire Safety Reminder

Fire safety means much more than having a fire extinguisher under the counter in your kitchen. Whether your concern is fire safety for kids, home fire safety, or workplace fire safety - Follow basic fire safety tips and be sure to share some good fire safety lesson plans. Fire safety facts tell us that life and property can be lost fast and with little or no warning when you don't plan evacuation and fire safety and prepare your location for burns, and fire response.

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