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Worried about Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic? Hygiene is a great start! Take it a step further, see our focused selection of Pandemic Protection items!

Sanitary Supplies, Hygiene & Personal Comfort: After a disaster, secondary problems can arise because of lack of sanitary equipment or facilities. Simple sanitary tasks such as tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your face and even washing your body with a wet cloth can help not only prevent the spread of disease but can also help relieve the stress of the current situation. Being prepared with sanitary hygiene equipment such as portable toilets, bio-waste digester, germicidal tablets and hygiene kits can help make a very uncomfortable situation a bit more tolerable. Emergency Sanitary Equipment/Supplies and Sanitary Facilities. One of the most dangerous factors of any disaster is the unsanitary conditions that can occur when people are displaced from their homes and are all gathered in place. Being prepared is one way to stem the disease that can quickly spread throughout a crowd. We offer everything from hand sanitizer, soap and toilet paper to deodorant, toothbrushes/toothpaste and wet naps. keeping clean and sanitary during the aftermath of a disaster can also have a mentally pleasing affect on your overall disposition!
Stem the spread of disease in aftermath of a disaster with sanitary equipment and supplies!

Disaster Supplies - Hygiene Kits, Port-a-Potties, Toilet Chemicals, Germicidal Tablets and much more!


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