Survival Tools

Emergency & Disaster Survival Tools: DISASTER SURVIVAL, FIRE & EVACUATION, EMERGENCY RESPONSE & PREPAREDNESS TOOLS Wowza! Tools, Tools, Tools! Every Prepper knows that you need the right devices on hand to deal with extreme situations. The ability to use advanced tools is a capacity that differentiates humans from most other animals - but this doesn't mean you want to try and fashion cutting tools and shovels from rocks and bark in a survival situation. You'll have enough to deal with. Here we offer a host of practical tools for survival at affordable prices. Take a look through our recommended disaster tools and stock up your cache so you are ready. From practical hand tools, survival knives and camping items to less-than-common multi-function survival gadgets, we have all your "must have" survival items to complete your survival equipment checklist. From ropes, bungee cords and pulleys, to our awesome selection of emergency folding and multifunction survival and camping shovels - we've got compasses to keep you oriented, fire escape ladders and equipment, extinguishers power sources, and much more. Even Fire Document Bags to protect critical information - we offer Protective goggles, particle dust masks and even ABC & 5BC fire extinguishers and a fireman's axe. Get your Fire Evacuation Plan in place, and get the emergency tools you need.

Survival Tools for all your Disaster Preparedness Needs

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