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Who says Duct Tape isn't an all-in-one Survival Tool? Duct Tape? Duct tape! If you don't know why you should have duct tape for emergencies... well, you need some life experience! Duct tape is the ULTIMATE survival tool and a solution for a plethora of fixes and issues. Other great, yet often overlooked items you will need to survive: A lumber crayon (write on almost anything, wet or dry!) a camp mirror (not just to see how pretty you are, but great for distress signaling, too!) Other brilliant ideas for the well-equipped prepper include an air horn (no this is not for scaring Mom - it is for alerting rescuers!) a handy fork and spoon combo, survival knife and playing cards to keep the kiddies entertained (Wow - entertainment without batteries!) - think outside the box when prepping for survival - our sturdy push broom is great for clearing debris, preparing your camp or shelter site, and it serves as a weapon, a clothes drying rod, a tent or shelter pole... you'll be surprised at your own ingenuity when the need arises.
Check out our unusual survival tool ideas below, and remember we have many other Emergency Tool choices - over 200 items - in our other Emergency Tools

Miscellaneous Survival Tools... all sorts of Gadgets & Gizmos, plus practical devices and aids for survival when the SHTF!

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