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What's Hot for Disaster Survival Emergency Preparedness

Little things can make a difference - when setting up your bug out bag or emergency kit - or adding to the contents of your disaster preparedness pack, don't forget the small stuff! While many survival packs come with the essentials, good survival tools can make a difference. These are some of our hottest add-ons for real readiness. Any readiness checklist will tell you to be sure to have a good flashlight, and multi-function tool... but what about a use-anywhere tent for shelter? a compass to find your way? Don't forget a mirror - for hygiene, signaling for help and much more. Other items that come in handy are work gloves and goggles, Fire sources, and don't forget you'll be outdoors in case of evacuation, so bring the insect repellent! First Aid its always a concern, and since so many disasters create smoky and dusty air, think about eye safety, too. Finally... if you have pets, consider their needs in an emergency - furry family friends need help as well.

Be sure to think of your needs, as well as your family and pets when considering what you need for emergencies, evacuation, or if stranded on the road in a disaster. Plan ahead and stock up on emergency essentials the make your go bag complete.

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