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Eye Care & Eye First Aid Products

Looking for hard to find eye care and emergency eye first aid items? We've got what you need - from Pen lights for checking proper pupil dilation to Eye magnets (with loop) for removing debris in an eye injury. We offer eye care first aid packs and the American Red Cross Eye Care Emergency Responder Pack, as well as eye cups (for eye cupping / eye washing) and sterile eye pads... We even have See Clear eye glass cleaning wipes and thera Tears lubricating eye drops! Eye Care Products, Wholesale, Discount, Online! Eye Care Packets, Eye Cups, Sterile Eye Pads, Eye Drops and Emergency Pack & Eyeglass Cleaner. We offer penlights for dilation checking, too!

Eye Care Products for first aid and emergency eye treatment - from eye cups to pen lights, eye pads to eyeglass cleansing wipes - we've got it!

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    • 5-piece kit for treating eye wounds.
    • Contains eye wash, eye cup, eye pads, and adhesive strips.
    • Comes in a watertight plastic pouch.
    • Can be used as a standalone triage kit or as a refill for a first aid kit (sold separately).
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    • SmartCompliance Refill keeps supplies organized and stocked with the SmartTab ezRefill system
    • Plastic squeeze bottle helps create a fluid stream to direct solution into affected areas
    • 100% cotton, sterile eye pad
    • Durable but breathable tape mold to body contours
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    Compare active ingredient to Thera Tears

    Lubricating Eye Drops - .04 mL Per Ampule - 30 Single-Use Ampules Per Box

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