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Frequently Asked Questions - The Original First Aid Fundraiser™

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1. Is the fundraiser still open?
The fundraiser is an on-going program, so is always open and available.

2. How do I sign up?
No registration is needed – start fundraising whenever the timing is best to you and a customer file will be created upon your first order with us.

3. How many kits need to be purchased to get a lower price?
The price per kit through the fundraiser program consistently remains at $5 – these are specifically designed for this program at the price point of $5 so that all parties involved can easily maintain their profit margin on the kits.

4. How much do we sell the kits for?
While the price you choose to sell them at is up to you, we recommend the price point of $10 to $12 as that is what we’ve found them best marketable at. No matter the price you choose, the profit margin between it and your purchase price of $5 is yours to keep, but do take into consideration that there will be a shipping fee based on the overall weight of the order and distance the package will travel (rather than a flat rate, per kit fee).

5. Do we have to preorder the kits?
Certainly not – the way in which you go about your fundraiser is completely up to you! While some clients prefer to preorder the kits to exchange the product for money at once (such as during a pep rally), you are not required to go about your fundraiser in this way. If you do, however, we suggest purchasing about 75% of the intended quantity of sales so that you can purchase more if need be but lessen the chances of having to handle a return should too many kits be ordered. Alternatively, you can take in your orders prior to making any purchases with us, so that you only order the number of kits you sold. With this method, we suggest downloading the brochures and order forms from our site to utilize in your marketing of the kits to drive in as many sales as possible! To add, you may want to consider purchasing our starter pack, which will come with 3 home and 2 auto kits in a carry tote so that you can present the kits to the potential buyers to further entice them to purchase from you.

6. Which kit sells better?
Through research of order records, this fundraiser is very popular and both kits are sold on a regular basis but in comparing the two side by side, we find that many orders have more auto kits on it than they do home. While we don’t require our customers to advise why or how they sold the quantities they did, we believe the auto may come in at a higher quantity simply because one household may have 2 or more vehicles.

7. Is there a minimum quantity requirement?
Of course not! Although these are designed for fundraising, they don’t need to be used for such. Should a customer be interested in the kits for personal use, they could simply order a few – or even just one. With such an excellent price point, these kits are great for gifts too!

8. Do you have a promo code or promotions for fundraiser kits?
Currently, these kits are already as low as they can be at $5 each, but we recommend you sell them for $10 to $12 and the profit margin between your purchase and sell prices is yours to keep. If, however, you purchase 510 kits or more, your order would qualify for free shipping to one location within the continental US.

9. Do you accept POs?
We accept PO's, but not as a form of payment. As we are prepaid company, a PO would act like an “order form” while payment would by credit card, check, ACH, EFT, or PayPal would be required prior to shipment.

10. Can we put a logo on the front?
While the fundraiser kits are sold as pictured online, we do offer custom labeling on other lines of kits that you may want to consider. You can check these out here, but please do note that as they are not within the established fundraiser program, the price point of these kits will not be the $5 offered through our fundraiser.

11. How long does shipping take?
Our shipping guarantee is 1-14 business days from the time that we receive and process payment for deliveries within the 48 contiguous US States.

12. Do you have samples?
Yes, you may purchase the Fundraiser Mixed First Aid Kit Package with Tote for $25 – you’ll get 3 of the Fundraiser Home First Aid Kits and 2 of the Fundraiser Auto First Aid Kits, and a FREE carry tote.

13. Do you provide free sales material such as a brochure for customers to review, order form, and collection envelope?
Of course! Customizable brochures and order forms can be downloaded from our site and while we do not have a collection envelope, the available “Mixed First Aid Kit Package” comes with a tote that can be used to collect money.

14. What is our cost for each item on the brochure?
The program involves home and auto fundraiser kits; you purchase both at $5 each.

15. What is the usual retail amount?
The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price on each kit is $14.99 – We find that most customers sell them for $10-$12 each (appropriate price for the product, whilst still a great profit for you), but the price you set is up to you!

16. Do we need to prepay for the kits or at the time we place the order?
We are a prepaid company in that we need to receive payment prior to shipment of the product, but when you purchase your kits is up to you – You can preorder so that you have the kits on hand to exchange for money “right then and there” (in which case we’d suggest you purchase 75% of what you expect to sell, so that you can purchase more if needed but do not order too many and have to make a return as the return shipping fee would cut into your profit), or you can take your orders first to know the exact number of kits sold then order with us at said quantity for you to distribute the kits after you receive them (in which case we’d suggest you order a few kits to act as samples for each “seller” to have on their person so that those to whom they are selling can see and feel the product, as they may then be more inclined to purchase).

17. Is there a contract?
Not at all! Our program is ongoing (it has been available for 10+ years!) and you do not have to sign up or register, just give us a call or go to our site when you are ready to make an order, whether for “samples” or bulk product. With that said, you can have your fundraiser run for whatever length of time you find the best fit for your company / organization.

18. Is there a minimum order?
Not at all, however, you do want to keep in mind that there will be a shipping fee with each order placed and, as such, placing fewer large orders is better in regard to freight than making multiple small orders. You can order as many or few times as you’d like, but the shipping fee does take from your profit which we’d like to see our customers avoid so we, in turn, suggest placing fewer large orders.

19. Do we pay sales tax on the order?
Only if shipping within California.

20. What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit card, Check, PayPal, or Bank Transfer. Do note that a check over $1,000 will be held for 8 business days to ensure the funds (which, in turn, extends the lead time of the order as we cannot allocate for shipment until after his hold) and a Wire Transfer will incur a $25 fee (whereas an EFT or ACH is without fee).

21. What are the shipping cost?
Shipping is calculated live based off the weight of the order and distance of travel; therefore, the quantity of kits purchased and where we’re shipping to. Estimating $0.50-$0.75 per kit generally covers the shipping fee, but this is not how the fee is calculated and is, therefore, not guaranteed to be the amount due. There is free shipping on orders of 510+ kits (which need to be placed by phone).

22. What shipping carrier do you use?
UPS by default, but we can use USPS if/when necessary (such as when shipping to HI).

23. What is the usual shipping time?
1-14 business days after receipt of payment (this starts after the 8 day check hold if applicable).

24. Do you accept returns?
Yes – The product would have to be unopened / unused and returned within 30 days, and the return shipping fee will be at your expense.

25. Is there a restocking fee?
No – Returned product, after being “approved” in inspections by the return department to be in sellable condition, will be credited in full.

26. Can you give me a reference?
We cannot provide direct contact information for privacy reasons, but below is a review provided to us by a member of Cub and Boy Scout packs in Alabama (which can also be seen online): We purchased 800 kits for the Cub Scouts and 200 kits for the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts have not yet started their fund raiser effort but the Cub Scouts have done really well with this program. As of last Tuesday, we have sold 668 kits with commitments from many families to sell the remaining 132 kits. We fully expect to sell all 800 kits by next Tuesday. This was a great program - the 668 kits were sold in 3 weeks. This fund raiser was so successful that we are looking at other items you offer for next year's fund raiser.

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