ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard Minimum Requirements  Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies - Buy new ANSI Kits
ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard Minimum Requirements Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies - Buy new ANSI Kits

Free AED First Aid Fundraiser

Fundraiser First Aid Kits


The Original First Aid Fundraiser™


Sell 300 Fundraising First Aid Kits (combination of Home & Auto kits) @ $10.00 each… send in your money collected for these kit sales. We’ll ship you the 300 First Aid Kits, this Defibtech Lifeline AED with 5 Year Battery, 5 Year Warranty, Adult AED Pads, Pediatric AED pads, AED Cabinet (with alarm)

AND we’ll even ship it all to you FREE to a single Address in the 48 Contiguous US States!


Auto & Home Fundraiser Kits Image of Auto and Home Fundraiser Kits which have received a suggested retail of three thousand dollars for three hundred kits.

Suggested Retail: $3,000 for 300 Kits


Defibtech LifeLine AED - 5 yr battery & 5 yr warranty Image of Defibtech Lifeline with a five year battery and five year warranty.

Suggested Retail: $1,495


Defibtech Standard Battery Pack
Defibtech standard battery pack

Suggested Retail: $150.00


Defibtech Adult Defibrillation Pads
Defibtech adult defribillation pads

Suggested Retail: $38.00


Defibtech Child/Infant Electrode Pads
Defibtech child and infant electrode pads.

Suggested Retail: $99.00

& EVEN ADD THIS!!!!!!!

AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm
AED wall cabinet with alarm.

Suggested Retail: $224.95

  1. You sell the 300 kits @ $10 each ($3000)
  2. Deliver the 300 kits to your customers
  3. KEEP THE REST (over a $2000 Retail Value with Free Shipping!) FOR YOUR SCHOOL OR OTHER GROUP!

By Popular Demand ‒ we are also now offering First Aid Fundraising Plan D2:
Sell 10 more kits and UPGRADE the above to the 7 year Battery & Warranty Model Defibtech AED!

CONTACT US for more information about Fundraiser Plan D!

Easy First Aid Fundraising Ideas

For years now, our customers have been begging for a fundraising ideas that would make their fund raising an easier task, and would offer a unique and easy fundraising ideas. Well here it is!

The best of all fund raising ideas, our first aid fundraiser, incorporates traditional fundraiser ideas, while giving you the options of immediate sale or pre-sale. Unlike so many other fund-raiser ideas, this fundraiser is appropriate for any group whether you are raising funds for a school (not your typical chocolate or candle school fundraiser), for a church, a sports team, your day care, a secular charity, nonprofit (non-profit), or for more specialized groups like cheerleaders, choir, PTO, PTA, band, booster clubs, scouts, soccer, little league, youth group, dance, etc., this fundraiser will make your fundraising take a breeze!

When was the last time you were able to raise the funds your group needs through a fund raising project offering something everyone NEEDS? The standard old fundraising ideas, have been overdone... it is time for new, safe, healthy fund raising ideas, with different fundraising products that will make achieving your funding goals easy.

No matter what charity, non-profit, nonprofit, non profit, or other organization, you cannot depend upon donations and free newsletters, and your supporters are tired of Scratch Cards, cookie dough, candy, chocolate, catalog sales, discount cards, and the lot. It is time that your high, school, church, band, cheerleaders, amateur sports team, or whatever other group finds a fundraiser that makes fundraising simple.

Now you can raise money by bringing your supporters a great value on a product they CANNOT SAY NO TO. Really, how many people have a full, current First Aid kit in both their Home and their car? As a fund raiser, this product makes fund raising a no-brainer, we wanted to offer a new fundraising idea, that people could not turn down. So now your group can make money, in a way that other fundraising opportunities cannot offer, and you will be offering a quality and necessary product to your supporters while raising money for your charity, fundraiser group, or whomever it is that needs money.

We are not a fundraising company, but the need for school fundraising, ideas for fundraising activities, school fundraising ideas, church fundraisers, etc,. Had all the fundraising directories approaching us... But instead of all the old fundraiser ideas like; lollipops, candy, gift wrap, we thought the nonprofits, teams, bands, cheerleaders, and such would raise more money, than with catalog sales, cookie dough, or candles with a Manufacturer Direct First Aid product fundraising campaign. Enjoy, Raise lots, & Good Luck!

* Offer subject to change and availability - Shipping 3-14 business days.

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