All Purpose First Aid Kits

The Essentials for First Aid Readiness: Our broad line of Discount and Wholesale All Purpose Emergency First Aid Kits has been designed to meet your every first aid need. We've got a kit in every size from a mini kit for your purse or briefcase to an extra large kit that can be mounted to your wall. Our Basic and General Purpose First Aid Kits are designed with essential first aid kit content for a variety of home uses and are portable so you can take them along for first aid needs on the go.

All Purpose First Aid Kits - Basic First Aid Kits and General Purpose First Aid Kits in Plastic Cases

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Soft Sided First Aid Bags - All Purpose First Aid Kits Without Medications - American Red Cross First Aid Kits - Children's First Aid Kits

First Aid Definitions

First Aid

  • emergency aid or treatment given to someone injured, suddenly ill, etc., before regular medical services arrive or can be reached.


  • a strip of cloth or other material used to bind up a wound, sore, sprain, etc
  • anything used as a band or ligature.


  • the use or application of medicine.
  • a medicinal substance; medicament.


  • any of a large group of chemical substances, as penicillin or streptomycin, produced by various microorganisms and fungi, having the capacity in dilute solutions to inhibit the growth of or to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms, used chiefly in the treatment of infectious diseases.
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