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Mini First Aid Kits

Our full line of Discount and Wholesale Miniature & Small All Purpose Emergency First Aid Kits has been designed to meet your every first aid need. We've got a mini first aid kit for every need from home and all purpose mini kits for your purse or briefcase to child kits, sports mini first aid, and even outdoor and camping mini first aid kits. Most min hard-case first aid kits can be custom labeled! You can even choose a miniature backpack kit with shoulder straps that serve as belt loops and a key ring! Different people, different needs, different kits. Also Look! ~ First Aid Sale Items

Mini First Aid Kits; Small First Aid Kits to fit in desk, glove box, purse, pocket or even on a keychain!

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  1. $2.35
    As low as: $1.65 Item/SKU:FAO-106

    • Mini Kit - First Aid Essentials
    • 17 pieces : Antibiotic ointment, Bandages, Antiseptics
    • Compact size for vehicles, hiking, backpacks, travel
    • Recommended by Health Care Professionals
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  2. $3.00
    As low as: $2.10 Item/SKU:FAO-110

    • Convenient size fits in in most places: luggage, briefcase, purse
    • Be prepared away from home
    • Recommended by Health Care Professionals
    • Travel Size “On the Go” Mini First Aid Kit
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  3. $4.39
    As low as: $3.07 Item/SKU:FAO-310

  4. $4.47
    As low as: $3.13 Item/SKU:FAO-112

    • Convenient size - Content for life
    • Fits in luggage, briefcase, purse
    • Be prepared away from home
    • Recommended by Health Care Professionals
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  5. $6.09
    As low as: $4.26 Item/SKU:4432

  6. $31.92
    As low as: $23.94 Item/SKU:M4K-1004

  7. $3.10
    As low as: $2.17 Item/SKU:FAO-600

  8. $4.18
    As low as: $2.93 Item/SKU:RC-600

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  10. $13.99

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Sometimes size DOES matter!

These small first aid kits were designed to offer the basic first aid needs in a mini first aid profile. From the key chain first aid kits to glove box first aid, we offer pocket sized first aid kits to tuck those first aid essentials into small spaces yet have them ready at hand for any First aid emergency!

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