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2 Shelf First Aid Cabinets

We have many OSHA & ANSI Compliant First Aid Cabinets and their accessories, such as the 2 shelf station and its pocket liner. These Industrial First Aid Stations with or without the Pocket Liners are designed to serve 50-75+ people. ANSI complaint medical stations are Wall Mountable & also Portable for your Convenience.

OSHA Worksite First Aid Cabinet for up to 75 People - With or Without Pocketliners:

NEW! Here's our EASY FIRST AID CABINET REFILL FORM for the OSHA & ANSI First Aid Cabinets below! ORDER FORM
- Print out, and check your refill needs, then return to the front page for our Quick Order Entry or call Toll Free (800) 933-8495 to order!

  1. $104.22
    As low as: $72.95 Item/SKU:URG-245L

    • OSHA Compliant & Exceeds ANSI Z308.1-2015, Class A Standards
    • Serves General Workplaces with up to 75 People
    • Includes 48 page full color ANSI First Aid Booklet
    • Easy First Aid Item Refill Guide included
    • Door liner with pockets to add or customize easy-access first aid content
    • Cabinet Manufactured in USA
    • FREE Ground Shipping*

    This 557 piece 2 shelf First Aid Cabinet for 75+ people boasts OSHA and ANSI Class A compliance, PLUS extra items including 20 pocket door liner, pain relievers, an easy-to-follow infographic first aid refill schematic, and more!

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