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Many of our OSHA & Bulk First Aid kits have been developed to service a specific number of people in an office or workplace setting. Looking for an OSHA Approved first aid kit? There is no such thing. (Read about OSHA 1910.151b & ANSI Z308.1-2015) But these are all OSHA compliant first aid kits! These First Aid Kits are available in metal or plastic cases, with or without a gasketed closure. Designed to meet OSHA Compliance Standards for First Aid Kits. Bi-Lingual labels.

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We have OSHA Compliant First Aid Kits for 10, 25, or 50 people... plastic, metal, gasketed and wall mountable or portable! Also see our OSHA First Aid Cabinets for 75+ people, and...

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Your source for OSHA first aid and safety kits, OSHA First Aid products and First Aid supplies - Do not be misled... if you are looking for an "OSHA Approved First Aid Kit" or an "OSHA Certified First Aid Kit", there is no such thing...OSHA Approved? OSHA sets forth OSHA First Aid Kit guidelines for General Industry, for Construction, and Industry Specific OSHA First Aid kit guidelines, but OSHA does not "Approve" any manufacturer's first aid kits... it is up to the manufacturer to assure that the kits fulfill the OSHA First Aid Kit Requirements, and thereby state that the kits are "OSHA Compliant" or that the kits "meets OSHA First Aid Kit Guidelines". The first aid kits on this page are "OSHA Compliant" in that they meet or exceed OSHA First Aid Guidelines for the purposes they are defined as suiting. If someone tells you they are selling you an "OSHA Approved First Aid Kit" beware...they are probably stretching the truth, ask them for the OSHA Compliance certification if they insist their First aid Kit is OSHA approved... otherwise, shop online here for OSHA Compliant First Aid Kits and OSHA Compliant First Aid Kit refills! (Looking for OSHA First Aid Training?)

Meet federal OSHA requirement §1910.151b. State requirements may vary.
Satisface el requisito §1910.151b federal de OSHA. Requisitos estatales pudieran variar.

Read about ANSI Z308.1-2015
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