Poison Oak, Ivy & Sumac

Ivy Barriers, Itch Cream & Cleansers + IvyX for Poison Ivy Prevention

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac Pre-Contact Solution available in plastic bottles. Ivy X is for preventing Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Reaction - If you come into contact with these poisonous plants without protection and have a reaction. What to do for Poison Ivy: How can you Avoid Poison Ivy Rash? First - learn to identify Poison Oak, Ivy & Sumac - and avoid them. Wear appropriate clothing when in the outdoors and in areas where you may be exposed (meaning cover up!) Apply an ivy protection cream or lotion. Know that not everyone that is exposed has an allergic reaction, BUT IF YOU DO: Remove clothing from the area to avoid cross-contamination then remove the urushiol from your skin as soon as possible after being exposed to the plants. The best way to prevent a poison ivy, oak, or sumac rash is to not have the rash causing urushiol on your skin. Tecnu is designed to be used within 2-8 hours after exposure, but the sooner you use it the better the results. Know that every person's reaction to urushiol is different depending on their body's sensitivity to the oil. Also multiple encounters with urushiol may result in a different outcome for the same person. Some people become more sensitive to poison ivy, oak, and sumac the more often they are exposed to the plants. Also see: Poison Ivy Block - Anti-Itch Cream - Insect Sting Repellent & Relief

Itch Cream & Cleansers - For Poison Ivy, Sumac & Oak Rash treatment and relief + Ivy Barriers to Stop Contact.

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