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Bandages & Dressings

Over 50 Dressing and Bandage Types - Our bandaging supplies include Adhesive Bandages (Band Aids) and Metal Detectable / Blue Metal Bandages, Butterfly Wound Closures, Telfa, Non-Stick, Plastic, Trauma Pads, Heavy Woven Bandages, Gauze and Gauze Rolls. Also find Fabric Bandages,Triangular Slings and Triangular Bandages. Blood Stoppers & HemoStats, Too. ~ Don't miss the Novelty Bandages... Fun Decorated Theme Bandages for Kids and Adults. (See Bandage Spray here)
ALSO SEE BANDAGE WRAPS & TAPES & our helpful First Aid Information for Cuts and Scrapes & First Aid for Bleeding and Wounds

Adhesive Bandages & Bandaids; Blue, Detectable, Butterfly, Plastic, Fabric, Decorated. Gauze; Rolls, Pads, Sponges. Wound Care; Slings, Swathes, ABD Pads. Even QuikClot, QR / Wound Seal, and Kytostat!

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  1. $3.98
    As low as: $2.79 Item/SKU:2381

    • Hi-Visi-Blue Foam Bandages
    • 1” x 3” - Most Popular Size
    • Latex Free
    • Metal Detectable
    • Perfect for Foodservice, Pharmaceutical, Restaurant, and Hi-Tech
    Learn More
  2. $1.50
    As low as: $1.05 Item/SKU:2037

  3. $1.49
    As low as: $1.04 Item/SKU:2033

    16 adhesive woven bandages in an ANSI color coded single unit box. Learn More
  4. $2.76
    As low as: $1.93 Item/SKU:2170

  5. $1.35
    As low as: $0.95 Item/SKU:2813

  6. $3.66
    As low as: $2.56 Item/SKU:2023

  7. $2.94
    As low as: $2.06 Item/SKU:2198

  8. $3.06
    As low as: $2.14 Item/SKU:2196

  9. $1.91
    As low as: $1.34 Item/SKU:2036

    This sterile bandage compress provides excellent pressure to stop bleeding for wounds.

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  10. $3.15
    As low as: $2.21 Item/SKU:2402

    This sterile gauze compress, 18"x36", provides excellent compression for a large wounds. Learn More

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