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Bandages & Dressings

Over 50 Dressing and Bandage Types - Our bandaging supplies include Adhesive Bandages (Band Aids) and Metal Detectable / Blue Metal Bandages, Butterfly Wound Closures, Telfa, Non-Stick, Plastic, Trauma Pads, Heavy Woven Bandages, Gauze and Gauze Rolls. Also find Fabric Bandages,Triangular Slings and Triangular Bandages. Blood Stoppers & HemoStats, Too. ~ Don't miss the Novelty Bandages... Fun Decorated Theme Bandages for Kids and Adults. (See Bandage Spray here)
ALSO SEE BANDAGE WRAPS & TAPES & our helpful First Aid Information for Cuts and Scrapes & First Aid for Bleeding and Wounds

Adhesive Bandages & Bandaids; Blue, Detectable, Butterfly, Plastic, Fabric, Decorated. Gauze; Rolls, Pads, Sponges. Wound Care; Slings, Swathes, ABD Pads. Even QuikClot, QR / Wound Seal, and Kytostat!

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    • Providing the general public with easy to use Bleeding Control Kit to help those who are in an emergency situation to stop potential life-threatening blood loss
    • Compact pouch organized for easy access to supplies in an emergency situation
    • Deluxe Kit includes the rugged and durable SOFT-T XS Tourniquet with a non-bending, sure-grip metal windlass
    • Kit contains 2 pairs of Nitrile Exam gloves to help minimize exposure  to potentially harmful substances and safely assist the injured
    • Celox- Blood coagulate for torso or limb wounds
    • Piece Count: 13
    • Ideal addition to any first aid kit or first responder bag
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    • Station is designed for multiple-person bleeding traumas that might occur in a variety of locations including workplaces or public spaces
    • Wall-mountable cabinet
    • Push-plate door opening
    • Contains four identical Standard Bleeding Control kits in nylon zippered pouches for multiple victim situations (part number 91059)
    • Each pouch contains proven bleeding control tools
    • Includes windlass tourniquet with instructions, protective gloves and plenty of wound dressings
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