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Butterfly Bandages

Butterfly Wound Closures - Butterfly Bandaids, or Butterfly stitches are thin adhesive strips used to close small wounds. Butterfly Bandages are applied across the laceration in a manner which pulls the skin on either side of the wound together. Butterfly sutures are not true sutures, but can often be used in addition to, or in place of real sutures for small wounds. Butterfly stitches can be advantageous in that they do not need a medical professional to be placed or removed, and are thus a common item in first aid kits. butterfly band aids are called various names, including butterfly bandages, butterfly closures & wound closure strips. Also see our Suture Strips and Steri-Strips. SmartTab EzRefills, too.

Butterfly Wound Closures - Butterfly stitches, Butterfly Strips... great for when medical aid is lacking.

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