Gauze Dressing Pads

Our Gauze Sponges are available in bulk, boxes, and Individual packs - Gauze Dressing Pads for wound care and first aid in a variety of sizes from 2" x 2" and 2" x 3" to 3" x 3", 4" x 4" and trauma, off-center compress and eye pad configurations - Different Gauze sponges for different purposes! Bulk buy or individual Eye Pads, Compress Absorbent Gauze & SmartTab EzRefill Gauze Dressings. ALSO SEE Trauma pads, Sterile Gauze rolls, Non-Sterile Gauze rolls & Non-Stick Gauze Pads

Gauze Dressing Pads: Sterile & Non-sterile as well as Trauma Pads, Compresses & even Eye Dressing Pads!

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Treatment for bleeding

  • Call 9-1-1 or EMS if bleeding is severe and difficult to stop.
  • Have the casualty lie down, if possible.
  • Place a clean, sterile, cloth directly over the bleeding site. If available, the rescuer should wear gloves to protect from Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • Firmly apply pressure to the wound using one or both hands.
  • Apply a bandage to hold the first dressing in place. Apply additional cloths or pads if bleeding continues. Do not remove the initial dressing as this will tear away the clotted blood and cause bleeding to start over.
  • Elevate the bleeding site above the heart level if bleeding is difficult to control with firm, direct pressure. Do not elevate the limb if you suspect the possibility of broken bones or head, neck, or spinal injury.
  • Continue to apply direct, firm pressure to control bleeding until Emergency Medical Personnel arrive.
  • A tourniquet should be used only as a last resort and is not recommended unless the responder has specific training on how to use a tourniquet safety.
  • Do not give the casualty alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or aspirin.
  • Once the bleeding has been controlled:
    1. Continue to apply firm pressure to the injury site.
    2. Keep the casualty warm by covering him/her with coats or blankets.
    3. Do not move the casualty unless necessary
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