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Moleskin - Foot Care First Aid & Blister Protection: Moleskin rolls and moleskin bandages for foot care and foot first aid. Designed to Protect Exposed, Blistered Skin, Preventing further Inflammation and Soreness--Moleskin Premium Grade available in bandage patches, boxes, rolls and included in our Adventure Medical Blister Medic, Adventure Medical Glacier Gel Blister & Burn Dressings, and FootAid™ Kits.

Moleskin - Blister Protection, and for treating corns, calluses, and other foot and toe discomfiture

Moleskin for Blisters & Protection against Blisters

Ouch! Blisters! have your tried Moleskin for Blisters & Protection against Blisters? How about the Adventure Medical Blister Medic for Blister treatment and first aid? Great for Hiking and in those ghastly shoes that just "rub you wrong"!

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