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Non-Stick Gauze Pads with Adhesive Edges

First Aid Wound Care Pads for Cuts & Scrapes - 3" x 4" Non-Stick Pads with Adhesive edges for dressing wounds. Our non-stick pads are designed to cover and cushion large surface cuts, scrapes and burns with an extra-absorbent, breathable 100% cotton filler. The "ouchless" perforated mylar surface custom fits the pad to wounds, and the outer cover is bonded so it won't fall apart when cut. Pad is sterile unless package is opened or damaged. To use: remove from package and apply directly to wound. ALSO SEE: Non-Stick Pads without Adhesive Edges and First Aid Information for Cuts & Scrapes or First Aid for Bleeding

Non-Stick Pads with Adhesive Edges: "Ouchless" First Aid Wound Care that sticks only where it should!

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