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Wound Closures

3M Steri-Strips, Suture Strips and Butterfly Tape Stitches: Wound Closures are thin adhesive strips which can be used to close small wounds, we offer Suture Strips, 3M Nexcare Steri-Strips, and generic butterfly stitches. These are applied across cuts and lacerations to pull the skin on either side of the wound together. Our Wound Closure strips or tape stitches may be used instead of sutures (stitches) in some injuries, either when stitches are not recommended or available or because these strips may lessen scarring, and are easier to care for than traditional sutures.

Wound Closures - Steri-Strips, Butterflies, and Suture Strips (Injury more serious? See our Suture Syringe kits!)

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